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Mark first came to Pro-Fit Physio when his back pain became so bad he was having to sleep on his hard wooden floor downstairs. He had sought help and advice from consultants and other top health professionals but to no avail. Following 4 months of regular treatment, mobilisation, soft tissue work and exercise, Mark is now able to get a good nights sleep in his own bed! Not only this, he is now determined to run his first 10k race and keep up with his young children.


Jude is a keen horse rider and as such had developed a dominant side due to the nature of her sport. Un-fortunately, this had left her with muscle imbalances that led to joint and tendon pain. With the combination of hands on treatment, corrective exercise and stretching 4 weeks down the line and Jude is back competing at semi-professional level.


When rosemary first came to Pro-Fit Physiotherapy she was struggling with back pain that had crippled her for many years. Following a thorough assessment of her posture, movement, nutrition and over all lifestyle, she was able to embark on a programme of treatment, corrective exercise and a nutrition plan tailored for her individual needs. This enabled Rosemary to live the life she always wanted - including regularly running, attending the gym and getting on with day to day tasks without any pain.


For as long as Gareth could remember, he had always had back and shoulder pain. Due to the nature of his job, Gareth spent many hours either in the car or sat at a desk at work. This had left Gareth with shoulder impingement and sacroiliac joint problems. Following a consultation with one of our therapists and 6 weeks of intensive treatment, Gareth is now pain free - fitter and stronger than he has ever been before in his life.

Les Allason

I felt inspired to write a note regarding Lucas Taylor who is my sports physiotherapist and has shown me there is still a lot yet to learn regarding sports and fitness. With respect and professionalism he has made me more aware of the importance of rest, recovery and stretching. The latter I confess to have neglected significantly. So much so that at my initial assessment I was shocked when Lucas pointed out how uneven my shoulders had become creating unnecessary discomfort in my neck and upper back. After only a few appointments this issue had improved significantly. Lucas is very approachable and willing to give advice and guidance. He encourages and motivates at a level acceptable to different capabilities. Personally I like to be pushed which drives me to achieve. I highly recommend this guy.

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